Primary School Adopts Biofuel


  • Location of the Project:Buwambo, Uganda
  • Project Type:Anaerobic Digester
  • Purpose:Provide reliable cooking fuel
  • Project Completion Date:April, 2017
  • Project Category:Education
Biodigesters, Biofuel

Primary School Adopts Biofuel

Creating a healthy environment that is also energy efficient. Uganda has approximately 22,000 schools and nearly all are using some form of a pit latrine. These pit latrines have to be emptied regularly or a new one has to be built every three to five years. Moreover, pit latrines are not a healthy, sanitary scenario.

Another major issue Ugandan schools face is purchasing firewood to prepare meals for the children. As firewood becomes more scarce, it becomes an expensive resource that schools cannot fund.

St. Theresa Girls School in Uganda decided to install a Green Heat biodigester/bio-latrine once they heard about the benefits of Slurry-Separation technology. By installing a Green Heat biodigester, the School was able to convert latrine and organic waste into biogas fuel for cooking and heating – And reduce their dependence on firewood, improve their waste management issues, and help reduce deforestation in the country.

As Sister Nabbosa Mary Valentine, Head Teacher, said, “The School decided to take this innovative technology because of the pathetic state (firewood collection). We have been buying a lot of firewood and it has been taxing in many ways. If we start using biogas, all the smoke from cooking will be gone. All the soot on the walls and ceilings from the fires will be gone. And the School is going to be extremely clean.”

Today St. Theresa Girls School is enjoying their Green Heat biodigester and the School is a much healthier place for both children and employees.