Providing Energy & Waste Management


In Uganda and neighboring countries, Africans are faced with serious issues of deforestation from an excessive use of firewood for heat and cooking, health problems from poor air quality and pollution, harmful waste contaminating the environment, and a sheer lack of access to energy.

Green Heat has developed a revolutionary biodigester to address all of these pressing concerns. Through our Slurry-Separation Technology (SST), we have engineered the next generation of biodigesters that tackles waste management at the source, generates alternative energy known as biofuel, and provide independence from water demands that tax households, agriculture, schools and businesses.

We have installed over 580 biogas digesters in Uganda, Mozambique, Togo, Ethiopia and Haiti, helping to create a reliable source of clean energy and organic fertilizer, all from unwanted waste products. Green Heat adds value to your waste! At the same time waste is being converted into energy, Green Heat is doing its part to reduce the reliance on non-sustainable biomass and mitigate deforestation.

The facts about Slurry-Separation Technology


  • Slurry-Separation Reduces Water Use By 80%
    Our patented Slurry-Separation Technology (SST) separates water from waste matter, recycling water by-products back into the system. Thanks to the recycled liquid, the demand for water is reduced by 80% and water collection is cut dramatically. Other digesters require a kilogram of water to be mixed with every kilogram of waste. Not Green Heat biodigesters!
  • Our Biodigesters Use Rainwater, Wastewater and Even Urine
    Not only is water collection cut dramatically due to water being recycled through the system, Green Heat biodigesters can be fed with a variety of liquids such as rainwater, wastewater and even urine.
  • SST Can Be Integrated Into Existing Digesters
    Green Heat builds new biodigesters and retrofits existing digesters. If a digester already exists, we can integrate our revolutionary SST technology so you’ll have an efficient, cost effective solution for energy, waste management and saleable fertilizer.
  • Dry Fertilizer is Produced
    Green Heat’s Slurry-Separation Technology dewaters slurry (waste) and converts it to solid fertilizer. This dry fertilizer is now easy to manage, store, package, transport or apply directly to your fields. It could even become an unanticipated new source of income. In addition, Green Heat fertilizer is proven to significantly boost yield in crops.
  • Our Biodigesters Handle a Variety of Waste
    Need to address waste issues? Our biodigesters take a range of wates including animal manure, human waste and organic detritus. Organic waste is broken down in a sub-surface environment, then converted into energy and dry slurry, creating a “green” circular system.

More Advantages of Green Heat Biodigesters



Providing Clean & Safe

It all starts with a free feasibility study (we are highly experienced conducting over 3,000 to date). From the waste available for feedstock, we determine the biogas potential and the capacity size of your digester. We will then provide the full design and construction tailored to the site requirements.


Providing Clean & Safe

Our sub-surface digesters range from four to fifty cubic meters. They offer long-term solutions for effective waste management.

Most commonly installed at schools and rural institutions, they can replace unhygienic pit latrines.


Providing Clean & Safe

Our portable digesters are quick and easy to install and best suited for small farms and households.

The plastic casing is fed with organic waste and will expand as biogas is produced. The gas is safely tapped off for a clean cooking and heating fuel.


For more detailed information and the advantage of slurry-separation technology

Our Green Solutions


Biodigesters with SST

Our biogas digesters, are equipped with a Slurry Separation System (SST), providing an unique waste and biofuel solution.

Efficiency Briquettes Icon

Efficiency Briquettes

Our briquettes are formed from dried banana peelings and charcoal dust, a clean and safe fuel alternative to wood and charcoal.

Solar Lamps Icon

Solar Lamps

Our solar powered lamps are a safe replacement for hazardous kerosene lighting and provide a power outlet as well for charging small devices.

Green Energy / Biofuel Icon

Green Energy / Biofuel

We provide revolutionary energy solutions and energy consultancy for those without electricity access or seeking an efficient alternative.

Waste Management Icon

Waste Management

Our biogas digesters take a range of animal manure, human waste and organic detritus, converting it into energy and fertilizer.

High-Yield Fertilizer Icon

High-Yield Fertilizer

Our systems convert waste into dry slurry, creating solid fertilizer that can be packaged, stored or applied directly to fields.