Providing Clean & Safe


Our briquettes, formed from dried banana peelings and charcoal dust, are a clean fuel alternative to wood and charcoal.

We work with over 120 Ugandan farmers, utilising their agricultural waste to form bio-char. Employing female sales partners, we have provided 490 tons of briquettes to over 770 new clients in the past year.

How Our Briquettes Are Different
Green Heat briquettes have a higher bulk density and lower moisture content compared to conventional biomass. Replacing charcoal with briquettes allows for significant smoke reduction during ignition and longer burning times, making fuel go further and saving money for our customers.

Why Briquettes?

The uniform shape and strength helps maintain constant temperatures and leads to less char wastage. Briquettes are odourless as they contain minimal evaporative substances. They are also safer, as no sparks are produced, unlike wood charcoal. Our clean fuel alternative can be used in all conventional biomass stoves, replacing wood and charcoal.

Our Green Solutions


Biodigesters with SST

Our biogas digesters, are equipped with a Slurry Separation System (SST), providing an unique waste and biofuel solution.

Efficiency Briquettes Icon

Efficiency Briquettes

Our briquettes are formed from dried banana peelings and charcoal dust, a clean and safe fuel alternative to wood and charcoal.

Solar Lamps Icon

Solar Lamps

Our solar powered lamps are a safe replacement for hazardous kerosene lighting and provide a power outlet as well for charging small devices.

Green Energy / Biofuel Icon

Green Energy / Biofuel

We provide revolutionary energy solutions and energy consultancy for those without electricity access or seeking an efficient alternative.

Waste Management Icon

Waste Management

Our biogas digesters take a range of animal manure, human waste and organic detritus, converting it into energy and fertilizer.

High-Yield Fertilizer Icon

High-Yield Fertilizer

Our systems convert waste into dry slurry, creating solid fertilizer that can be packaged, stored or applied directly to fields.