Providing Light & Safety


In rural Sub-Saharan Africa, vast regions are without access to electricity. Some families are forced to spend up to 25% of their household income on costly and unsafe fuels.

At Green Heat, we’re committed to providing solar lamps as a replacement for hazardous kerosene lighting. The solar cells also act as a power outlet, charging small electrical items such as mobile phones.

We deliver the solar powered lamps and charging units through our women led, village lighters scheme. Our rent-to-buy finance package enables affordable and durable energy source to remote African regions.

Our Green Solutions


Biodigesters with SST

Our biogas digesters, are equipped with a Slurry Separation System (SST), providing an unique waste and biofuel solution.

Efficiency Briquettes Icon

Efficiency Briquettes

Our briquettes are formed from dried banana peelings and charcoal dust, a clean and safe fuel alternative to wood and charcoal.

Solar Lamps Icon

Solar Lamps

Our solar powered lamps are a safe replacement for hazardous kerosene lighting and provide a power outlet as well for charging small devices.

Green Energy / Biofuel Icon

Green Energy / Biofuel

We provide revolutionary energy solutions and energy consultancy for those without electricity access or seeking an efficient alternative.

Waste Management Icon

Waste Management

Our biogas digesters take a range of animal manure, human waste and organic detritus, converting it into energy and fertilizer.

High-Yield Fertilizer Icon

High-Yield Fertilizer

Our systems convert waste into dry slurry, creating solid fertilizer that can be packaged, stored or applied directly to fields.